Why You Should Have Pearl Certification

There is no doubt about it, maintaining a home is a pretty big task. To do so properly, it takes hard work, dedication, considerable planning and patience. If your home’s upkeep is handled routinely, there will be an advantage when you decide to sell.

Routine maintenance includes everything from painting your house to obtaining efficiency certifications, such as Pearl for example. These types of upgrades not only improve efficiency in your home, they actually save you money in decreased utility costs and increase the value of your home. This is a valuable asset when selling your home.

What Is Pearl Certification?

Pearl is a national firm dedicated to increasing the value of energy efficient and high performing homes. In order for us to become Pearl partners, we had to meet high standards of customer service, quality and the ability to resolve air quality issues in homes with efficiency and accuracy.

When you choose Oxford Energy, we provide you with the product documentation and standard warranty information as well as a Pearl Certification and report that outlines the value-increasing improvements that we made to your house.

This gives real estate agents, appraisers and mortgage companies the ability to take these improvements into account when the value of your home is determined. At this time, the average increase in home value for a home that is Pearl Certified is 5%. That is a lot of money you stand to gain with a Pearl Certified house.

Pearl Certification tells future home buyers that your home is different from the rest.

And better.

And that’s important!