Winter, summer and fall may have their share of fans, but spring is quite clearly the most loved of the four seasons. Flowers, light jackets and Easter, you couldn’t ask for anything more. Everything we mention about spring will bring a smile to your face and a twinkle to your eye.

And if colorful eggs, bright flowers and cute little baby bunnies aren’t enough to convince you that spring is the best season, there are plenty of other reasons to explore. Oxford Energy, your furnace repair service in New Jersey, offers you the reasons why spring is the best season.

Perfect Temperatures

Spring is right in the middle of two extreme weather seasons. And while it is too cold in the winter and far too hot in the summer, spring offers temperatures that Goldilocks finds just right. What this means is that you can enjoy being outdoors and not having to bundle up in six layers. It also means that you can go for a walk or ride your bike and not lose 10 pounds of flop sweat.

Longer Days

Spring brings days that are longer than in the winter and shorter than in the summer. Everybody enjoys longer days, but many of you don’t like the sun rising three hours before your alarm goes off in the morning.

What spring brings is days filled with sunshine and nights that still remain dark. The perfect balance of night and day.

From Gray to Green

In the spring, the landscape changes from a dull brown and gray to a lush green with flowers and other colorful plants dotting the fields. In the spring, everywhere you look, flowers are popping up and trees have a fresh green glow.

Butterflies are Back

Butterflies are one of the most enchanting insects on this earth and we look forward to seeing them yet again.

Improved Moods

Spring makes people happy, even people who make the effort to stay grumpy as often as possible. Even your boss will crack the occasional smile in the spring. After being cooped up all winter, it makes us happy to get outside once again.

Fresh Air

Spring is the time of year you can once again open your windows. That’s a good thing as your house has started smelling rather funny and the fresh air will help.

Animals Return

Many animals either hibernate in the winter or otherwise disappear until the weather thaws things out. Spring is the best time to see your favorite animals and their super-cute offspring.

Fewer Colds

For the duration of the winter, you avoid touching anything in fear you might pick up a nasty bug. And it is hard to remember life without a sore throat or sniffles. But come spring, the sore throat goes away and you feel better than you have since September.

Spring is also the time of year when you should have your air conditioning unit checked out to ensure it runs smoothly through the summer. Contact Oxford Energy today.