We are only three weeks into the new year, here is to hoping all is going as well as it can. No doubt you made a few resolutions and hopefully, those are going well. And while many of you are striving for healthy eating habits, weight loss and saving money, we think you should do more and aim higher. We think you should resolve to change your bad HVAC habits.

To be sure, changing your bad HVAC habits won’t be easy, but we are sure you will do your best. Just so you know, changing you HVAC habits won’t help you lose weight or help you live longer, but they will help you save money. And we know just how much you like saving money.

So grab a handful of kale, hop on your stationary bike and read up on why it is in your best interests to change your bad HVAC habits. Oxford Energy, your furnace repair service in New Jersey, bets that you are guilty of at least a few of these bad HVAC habits.

Abusing Your Thermostat

You might not be willing to admit it, but you could be the type of person who is constantly adjusting the thermostat. If this is something you do, stop it immediately. It is important that you fully understand just how a thermostat works.

Your furnace will function much better if you set your thermostat and then just leave it alone. In addition to being just plain annoying, changing your thermostat throughout the day means your system runs on cycles that are either too long or too short. These are both quite hard on your furnace and could cause problems down the road. Once you have set the temperature, there is nothing to be gained by making further adjustments.

Closing Vents

Your furnace is designed to heat a certain amount of space as efficiently as possible. When there are vents closed in rooms that aren’t used, you disrupt this delicate balance. Closed registers change the amount of space your furnace heats and the result is a system that runs longer than it should. Over time, this could result in damage to your furnace and a shorter life.

Change the Filters

Many of you probably change your furnace filter from time to time when you think about it. This just isn’t good enough. Dirt air filters block airflow which makes your furnace have to work much harder than necessary. In addition to leading to repairs, dirty filters lead to premature furnace failures.

Dirty filters also negatively affect your indoor air quality. We suggest you change your filters every month or two to ensure your furnace runs clean and smooth.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We didn’t come up with that saying, but it is very true in this context. Having an HVAC company service your furnace annually will help prevent more serious and more expensive issues in the future.

Start changing these bad habits now by giving Oxford Energy a call for furnace maintenance.