The flying snow and cold wind are reasons enough to forgo running errands and stay at home under a blanket on the couch watching Netflix.

This is just one reason why winter is awesome. We are sure you have a love/hate relationship with winter, especially as it starts to wind down and you are eager for spring. But there is still plenty to love about this time of year. For example, in the winter, you don’t have to worry about your bikini body.

Oxford Energy, your furnace repair service in New Jersey, offers the reasons why winter is the best season.

You Don’t Have to Shave Much

Your face stays much warmer if you grow a beard for the winter. Also, since you are not wearing shorts in the winter, the ladies can skip leg-shaving day more often.

The Fashion

There is no doubt about it; winter fashion is comfortable, stylish and fun. And it doesn’t matter that you are having a bad hair day, just throw on a beanie and nobody will notice.

Cozy Weekends

It is perfectly fine to stoke the fire, put on your fuzzy socks and spend the weekend binge-watching Netflix shows. You can basically spend two days moving from the couch to the kitchen to the bathroom and back to the couch again.

The Food

Winter food is really the best. You get to eat soups, stews and all of the comfort food you can handle. And a Crock Pot meal is like a warm hug. Just as good and satisfying are the winter drinks including hot chocolate, eggnog and hot buttered rum.

Less Sweat

One reason to dread summer is because of all of the sweating and body odor. In the dead of winter, you can hit the treadmill and not break a sweat or have the need to shower afterward.

Plenty of Cuddling

Who doesn’t like cuddling? You get to spend all winter being very close to the one you love. If you are single, winter is the perfect time of year to cuddle with your dog, cat, hamster or laptop.

Read Those Books

Winter is the time of year bookworms rejoice. Get caught up on the novels, comics and magazines you neglected this last summer.

No Bugs

You don’t have to worry about swatting away flies and mosquitoes in the winter. And you won’t see a big, hairy spider in your front yard in the winter.

Hot Tubs and Saunas

Who actually wants to sit in a hot tub in the summer? The chilling air swirls around you and the stars are bright above you as you soak it up in your sweet hot tub.

Layer Up

Only in the winter can you wear all of your favorite shirts all at once. You get to wrap yourself up in layers of clothes and scarves and don’t forget your fuzzy slippers.

But if your furnace goes out, then winter suddenly becomes a nightmare. If this does happen, help is just a phone call away. Should you have a problem with your furnace this winter, give Oxford Energy a call.